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How to prepare Hand Harvested Wild Rice

Ben Belty

By the time our Wild Rice has reached your hands it has gone through a great deal of processing to become the wholesome food you are about to experience and be nourished by. I will be going into greater detail about how our Wild Rice is finished at a later time so be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Today I would like to discuss the most important aspect of Wild Rice and that is the actual Cooking and best preparation methods. It is a very basic task which I will outline below. First I would like to talk about the necessity or lack there of to soak Wild Rice before cooking. Soaking Wild Rice is optional unlike other grains and seeds that should generally be soaked to reduce phytic acid. This is because during the finishing process like any other Real Wild Rice it is parched over Wood Fire to help remove the hull. However the heat during this process destroys the enzymes that normally are activated when soaking other grains. All is not lost though as it turns out the heat does some of the same work as soaking and deactivates some of the Phytic acid. If you choose to soak your rice I recommend doing so for at least 4 hours for maximum benefits and this can reduce the cooking time by almost half.

Basic Cooking Instructions

Combine 3 parts spring water with 1 part Wild Rice bring to a boil and reduce heat to medium and cook until water has been absorbed. Cooking time is approximately 45minutes.

Optional but recommended: Soak Wild Rice for a minimum of 4 hours at a ratio of 2 1/4 part water to 1 part rice and reduce cooking time to 30 minutes. Lipids such as Butter, Ghee, Olive Oil, Coconut oil and Salt can be added at time of cooking. I recommend adding a least a small amount of Lipids at the time of cooking as it helps regulate the temperature and prevents boiling over.