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Our Mission

Wild Food Warehouse is here to bring you prized high quality nutrient dense food you have been searching for! We know our customers like eating the best quality food and we bring you the same level of quality we demand for ourselves.

We believe Wild Food is the missing link in the pursuit of perfect health. All of our products have superior nutrient density that can provide you an abundance of the nutrients lost in most modern industrialized food. We encourage foraging your own food and forming a realtionship with your local foodshed. We also know how important high quality storable food is and often times finding local sources of these things can be challenging. We have done all the work and can guarantee all the products we carry are of the best quality available!

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Organic Hand Harvested Wild Rice
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What our Customers have to say:

I have always wanted to try wild rice, but could never find any at the grocery stores; at least not truly wild. This came in the mail today and I’m shocked at how good it tastes! Way better than brown rice (which is what I was kinda expecting) with a nice sweet, nutty flavor. Surprisingly, a little goes a long way. One cup of dry rice is really way too much for a family of four.
— Mona F. Roanoke, Alabama
This Wild Rice is of unsurpassed quality! I thought I have had wild rice before (I’ve seen many companies who appear to be authentic and follow strict guidelines), but nothing even comes close to the quality, taste, texture, and overall experience of this particular Wild Rice. From the moment you open the package, it is apparent that this Wild Rice is different- just by looking at it. You are then greeted with such a nutty and umami aromatic without even having to cook it. It would be hard to mess this rice up, once you cook it and have a taste, there’s no going back to any other Wild Rice. I suggest buying in the 5lb bulk size. It pairs amazingly with winter squash- I also just made a casserole with it, cashew cream, and of ton of veggies. Top Notch rice great with just butter and salt. Thanks!
— Brianna R. Savannah, Ga
This wild rice was exceptional. I have eaten true wild rice from two different sources before trying this, and this one tasted the cleanest. I am so grateful to have found a source for true wild rice. Thanks!
— James Wood Owner Of Ascended Grounds in Seattle, Wa
I thought the rice had a nice wild and authentic taste, and it puffed up nicely when cooked. Compared to some of the other “wild rices” I’ve tried this one has a richer taste and I just feel better eating it. It compares to an authentic Minnesota variety I get from the Great Lakes region.
— Rob M. Bronx, Ny
This is the best rice I’ve ever had. I made some one morning and someone actually thought I’d made bacon because of the sweet and savory aroma. Combines the best qualities of any rice I’ve had; light and soft like white rice, but rich in flavor and satiating. Bursts open almost like popcorn. A must try.
— Glenn K. Louisville, Ky