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Here is what our customers have to say about our Wild Rice.

I thought the rice had a nice wild and authentic taste, and it puffed up nicely when cooked. Compared to some of the other “wild rices” I’ve tried this one has a richer taste and I just feel better eating it. It compares to an authentic Minnesota variety I get from the Great Lakes region.
— Rob M. Bronx, NY
This is the best rice I’ve ever had. I made some one morning and someone actually thought I’d made bacon because of the sweet and savory aroma. Combines the best qualities of any rice I’ve had; light and soft like white rice, but rich in flavor and satiating. Bursts open almost like popcorn. A must try!
— Glenn K. Louisville, KY
This wild rice was exceptional. I have eaten true wild rice from two different sources before trying this, and this one tasted the cleanest. I am so grateful to have found a source for true wild rice. Thanks!
— James Wood, Owner Of Ascended Grounds in Seattle, Wa
I brought it to my parents as a dish to contribute. Everyone was pleased, including those who were unfamiliar with eating wild rice. It was also good topic of discussion at the dinner table. Thanks again!
— Jesse Graham of Encinitas, Ca